Private In-Home Consultations: These customized sessions start with a 30-minute phone consultation to discuss your dog’s background and your specific needs. Next, we schedule our first working session to immediately get started with your particular action items. We then send client notes with specific steps for those action items within 48 hours of our first visit. We schedule additional sessions agreed to in your call and deliver resources, handouts and client notes for each.   Includes phone/email support until the job is done!

Skills Consultations: From basic skills such as sit, down, come, stay, wait, leave-it and more, we can help you give your dog the skills and manners needed to be an active part of the family!

Behavior Consultations: Whether your dog struggles with leash reactivity, resource guarding, fear-based behaviors, separation anxiety or body handling, we can help. You’ll get a step-by-step personalized plan to resolve your dog’s behavioral issues.

Group Classes: Our group classes are held outdoors in the beautiful hills of Watchung Reservation, giving your dog skills out in the real world. Classes meet on Saturday mornings for four weeks and are limited to 6 teams.

Games That Train: This class brings all of the skills your dog learned indoors into the great outdoors wherServices #3e you need them most! We use games to train a skill your dog doesn’t know or set your dog up for success in the face of outdoor distractions. Includes sit, down, stay, here, wait, leave it, walk nicely and more!

Off the Leash: This outdoor class starts to build advanced off-leash skills such as off-leash walking, come when called and sit, down and wait at a distance, all with the safety of long-lines to ensure success.

Really Reliable Recalls: We’ll give you four ways to train your dog to come when called, to ensure that you have options that will keep your training interesting and give you a preferred method for your dog. We’ll work on all four methods in different park locations, with increased distractions over the four weeks.

On The Road: This class meets in Watchung Reservation as well as neighboring towns, focusing on loose leash walking. We’ll use various methods for loose leash walking, giving you a suite of tools to keep your dogs focused on walks no matter where you go!

Tricked Into Training: This class focuses on tricks you and your dog will love, while teaching or reinforcing the basic skills you want your dog to have. Fun and fast-paced, this class will keep you and your dog thinking and actively training!

Sports Sessions & Training

Tracking: A great sport for every dog, tracking leverages a dog’s ability to follow a person’s scent across fields, trails and walking paths. This is a great class for the dog who never seems to tire. Whether you’re looking to earn a tracking title or burn that extra energy, we have the tracks for you!

Services Page 1Nosework: This wonderful, new sport is open to all dogs through the National Association of Canine Scent Work and the United Kennel Club. Dogs are taught search skills, similar to those used to train detection dogs. An energy-burning, confidence-building sport that every dog can do, you’ll learn just how powerful your dog’s nose is while learning how to read your dog’s individual working style as they happily search containers, exterior locations and vehicles.

Agility: This fast-paced sport is guaranteed to tire your best friend while giving you the best class experience! Whether looking to compete or just enjoy your time with your best friend, agility is for the active dog and owner!

Rally Obedience: A cross between agility and obedience, this fun sport is a great activity for dogs and owners of all ages and skill levels. Teams navigate a course of specific skills stations while interacting in a fun, low-pressure environment. Perfect for teams looking to compete or just enjoy some physical and mental exercise together.



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