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Replace The Bark!

Many dogs bark to get attention—and it works for them.  They bark and we either tell them to stop or, even worse, pet them or give them a biscuit—all without thinking about it, so long as the barking stops. That bark becomes successful as it gets the dog what he wants—attention. And when a behavior […]

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Are You Really Ready For The Holidays?

Shopping, baking, decorating, cooking, cleaning—the preparations for the Holidays go on and on. And then it’s guests, lots of food, wrapping paper and ribbons, music, laughing and playing.  So…where’s the dog? Some dogs do really well; they are able to mingle amidst the chaos and settle and relax when they need to.  Some even retreat […]

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Say Good-Bye to “No!”

You have your new puppy or dog for a few weeks and then realize that, as the dog gets more comfortable, that sweet puppy or new arrival gets more active and starts to explore, push boundaries and get downright naughty. The result?  You feel as though all you say is “No!” He barks at you […]

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